What to Pack for Mexico

Sam and I have had the opportunity to visit Mexico together once before on a cruise, however we did not have time to leisurely enjoy ourselves and explore the area because cruise ships have a set arrival and departure time. During our recent trip to Mexico, which was a part of a birthday celebration for our friend, Jordan, I really got to experience the food, the culture, and the people. I loved Mexico and it’s definitely high on my list of places to revisit. We spent time with Jordan and his family at Banyan Tree Resort, an absolutely stunning resort in Playa Del Carmen. Days before our arrival Tayshia Adams was spotted vacationing here, we hoped to casually run into her but no such luck, she had checked out. We spent our time lounging under palm trees, sipping tropical drinks, and renting jet skis to check out the area. 

Post dinner we decided to take our time wandering around Playa Del Carmen. Quinta Avenida is a shopping strip in Playa Del Carmen also known as Playa Del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue. I liked the mix of artisanal sellers to more modern day stores. The strip reminded me of Bourbon Street in Louisiana, but 1000X cleaner. The streets were lively with street performers, vendors out and about, and restaurants brimming with life. The best part is that you can haggle with the vendors for the items price. Note that vendors will approach you. If this kind of shopping bothers you, I would suggest skipping this location. Honestly, this is one place I wish I spent more time at during our trip. We did stop into a restaurant and grabbed a drink. One margarita was $5 USD. There is even a beach nearby where you can head after shopping. It was absolutely stunning. I will be headed back to this place when I return to Mexico! Included a packing list for Mexico below. 

What I Packed for Mexico: 

Sunscreen: I am very pale. I do not want sun damage later on, so let’s talk about sun safety. For my face the sunscreen is a two in one. It is found in my moisturizer and has SPF. Love it because I can apply my makeup over. Make sure your sunscreen is a SPF 50 or higher especially when on your face. I have found with this high of a SPF I do not burn at all. For my body I use Neutrogena. I love the spray better for easy application and I do not feel coated in sunscreen it’s super light. Lastly, let's not forget the straw hat in Mexico. It's a must and makes you look put together on the beach. Linked below all my sunscreen favorites down below!

Money: Make sure you bring pesos off property, many sellers do not have change or know the conversion rate. Also note, many ATMs around town are not always reliable and going to a currency conversion counter may have high rates for exchange. Your best options are to go to your local bank to see if they can convert it to pesos before coming to Mexico or have cash ready to be exchanged at the airport upon landing. 

Covid Swab: We stayed at a hotel that was providing covid-19 swabs included in our stay. Upon arrival we set up reservations for the swab since you have to have a negative result within 72 hours to fly back into the United States. Our results were viewable within an hour. However, if staying at a smaller boutique hotel or hostel. There are vans set up at different locations for covid testing. Make sure before you book you know the location of the test site, see if you can book a reservation for swab, and how fast results will come back. Our hotel provided free stay for two weeks with the insurance we added on for a minimal amount if we were to test positive. Make sure before you book to look into hotel policies related to covid. 

What to Wear: The places we visited frequently were resort casual. Leave the high heels at home and trade them in for sandals. I packed a swim suit for everyday during our stay. Since every activity we planned on doing revolved around the water sunbathing, cenotes, snorkeling, etc. Highly, recommend packing swim coverup, light linen/cotton dresses, and you are set. May have been the easiest packing trip for me. Breathable clothing is best because of the humidity. I personally, always pack one outfit/swimsuit depending on location in carry on just in case my luggage is delayed or lost.  Side note: Check with the resort for dress code for dinner meals. Some resorts prohibit men from wearing sandals and shorts at dinner. Plan on packing nice dress shoes and slacks for hotel dinners for men. 

Camera: I used a GoPro for a majority of my action videos/photos. I have the GoPro 8, which is waterproof and has been one of my favorite investments as fair as camera gear is involved. If you don’t have a GoPro a good alternative is grabbing a waterproof phone pouch which is relatively affordable and you won't miss out on those action shots!

Apps: Google Translate to help understand signs, language, and most importantly ordering off menus. Another app worth mentioning is any conversion rate equivalent. Helped when shopping local that way when they state it is 500 pesos you know the equivalent of USD. 

What Not to Pack: Leave expensive jewelry or items of high value at home. Pick-pockets and thief is on the rise, be prepared to store items in the hotel room safe.   

Outfit Deets: This stunning red maxi dress is made for summer nights! Such an effortless look, throw on jewelry or a straw hat and your all set! I love dressing up outfits with jewerly. For summer tassel earrings are my favorite. Also, linked a variety of tassel earrings that comes in 18-20  different pairs, which is a steal. Makes fun bridesmaid gifts or fun gifts in general. Also, Lily & Laura beaded bracelets have been a staple and are so easy to accessorize. Dress them up or down they come in prints and solid colors. Finally, I typically splurge on swim suits since I wear them over and over. Plus, quality of swim wear is a must since I am pretty active. Shared my favorite red bikinis below at various price points. Dress: Old Gianni Bini, Bikini: Lenny Neimeyer linked similar!

  • Taylor Bush
    Anna Merabishvili
    Posted at 6:22 pm, April 7, 2021 Reply

    I am planning a trio to Mexico later this year so I will definitely refer to this post!

  • Taylor Bush
    Posted at 6:30 am, April 4, 2021 Reply

    Great tips for what to bring to Mexico! I haven’t been yet but I think I would be like you and using my GoPro for most of the shots – especially in the water!

  • Taylor Bush
    Jamie Sharpe
    Posted at 6:52 pm, April 3, 2021 Reply

    I’m always a minimalist packer, especially when it comes to Mexico. I just love the relaxed vibe there. Great pics!

  • Taylor Bush
    Posted at 6:11 pm, April 3, 2021 Reply

    These are great suggestions . I packed mostly swimsuits and should’ve packed a cute dress like yours . I won’t forget next time.

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