Valentines Glam

Valentine's glam:

Sam and I took an evening to explore Dallas. We stumbled upon this rooftop that had an amazing view of Downtown. We decided to come out another afternoon and take pictures. Unfortnately, it started raining, so we were out in the rain just snapping pictures ha! Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I love seeing the aisles of all the heart shaped chocolates, teddy bears, and cards when I enter the grocery store. I remember Sam and I's first Valentine's Day. He got me chocolates and a life size teddy bear. It was almost as big as me! He also handed me a bag of flour since he didn't get me flowers and said open it! Of course I was so scared to open it! Inside was a beautiful bracelet. Sometimes it just the out of box ideas that are the best. This will be our fourth Valentine's Day together we are currently still deciding what to do. The options are endless. This is also the time of season where Gary Chapman’s book, "The Five Love Languages," may be used the most ha! After reading the book, I quickly realized my Love Language is quality time. 

Quality Time:

Lunch or dinner cooking at home. As long as he does the dishes ha! 

Cooking class.

A short weekend trip or an overnight staycation (this might be a better option since Valentine's falls on a Thursday. You can have a whole weekend together and there are so many Valentine's packages available.)

Going to see a movie!

Sports game 

Ballet or play

Physical Touch:


Couples Massage: This just speaks for itself and is such a fun way to unwind from a busy work week. A mini facial or even manicure.

Dance Class: This maybe out of your comfort zone if you have two left feet. However, it is fun and different. Studio 22 (in Dallas), has multiple packages for Valentine’s Day for private Latin dancing lessons for two! This studio also has options for different kinds of dancing such as ballroom, salsa, country/western, and swing just to name a few! Salsa and club latin sound really fun. I used to dance for eight years so this is right up my alley!


Acts of Service

This is an interesting love language! I would help around the house. Clean the house before the planned date night! Open the car door. Put that picture frame up she has been asking for! Put those handy skills to work!

Words of Affirmation

This is when you get the cheesy hallmark card and write a sweet love note! Does anyone else go down the Hallmark isle and read the cards? They are all so, so sweet!  This can also be placing sweet notes around the house or hidden notes where she will find them later!

Receiving Gifts

Obviously this one is simple! Great gifts for her include giftcard to her favorite boutique, candies, jewelry, etc. 


Outfit Deets: This dress was from Apricot Lane a year or two ago. I linked similar ones. Also, the chunky earrings are only $4! 

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