Travel Guide: Provincetown, MA.

This coastal city sits right on the tip of Cape Cod. Provincetown or as locals like to call it Ptown is known for its beaches, art galleries, and rich history.  Provincetown is also known to be a LGBTQ hotspot destination. Hosting many events throughout the year from Pride Festival, Provincetown Carnival, and many more. Both events celebrating the LGBTQ life. Loved the energy and diversity this community brings to the town. So do not be surprised to find drag queens and majority of gay men strolling the streets (I am absolutely here for it). Provincetown is in my top three favorite coastal towns, in New England. Everytime I have visited the town it is boosting with character, new places to explore, and the food/drink scene is never disappointing. 

Plan Ahead:

Transportation:  There are a few options when traveling to Ptown. There is a ferry that leaves out of Long Wharf in Boston and is a 90 minute boat ride one way. Round trip for one adult is $96.  If you are flying into Boston you can get a connecting flight with Cape Air to Ptown. However, this being the easiest option as well as the most expensive. Boston to Ptown is about a 2.5 hour drive without traffic. However, note the traffic to get to Provincetown through Cape Cod can be very time consuming during high season. I recommend leaving early in the morning to beat a majority of traffic. Getting to the main points around town are easily walkable. Parking is available downtown for $15-20 for all day parking. 

Sights to See:

Commercial Street: Enjoy the streaming streets of American flags and artsy decor lining the streets. Many different shops and dining to be explored. We spent much of the day window shopping and taste testing as much as we could. Favorite stores linked below:

1.) Cabot’s Candy-Started in 1927 this saltwater taffy gained popularity at local fairs. Eventually, opening a store and expanding from just taffy to fudge, peanut butter brittle, and even flavored popcorn. However, grab a bag since this store has a treat for everyone. Candy is weighted by the pound. Yes, the taffy was mouthwatering. 

2.) Marine Specialities: A true jack of all trades kind of store. This store is brimming with a variety of items. From antiques to a beach float this place has it all. I would recommend buying souvenirs here since it was reasonably priced. Got Sam a nautical themed belt. 

Quintessential Cape Cod Homes: Continue on Commercial Street heading for Captain Jack’s Wharf and you’ll find beautiful coastal homes. Where you can find the famous American flag home tucked away. This particular home is located at 77 Commercial Street. An undeniable gorgeous seaside home with an American flag draped on the side, lively blooms in the window boxes, and the ocean in the background. During your walk you will find many shingle homes draped with sprawling window boxes, picturesque gardens, and hydrangeas overflowing into the sidewalk. Some homes even have plaques dating back for the build date as old as the 1796. You can either take a stroll through the neighborhood or rent a bike to tour around the town. My favorite part was seeing a local, painting outside with his easel creating a stunning watercolor print. 

Art Galleries: Tucked in-between two stores you can visit Bob Gasoi Memorial Art Alley. You can see a collection of Gasoi’s art pieces. Featuring whimsical and unique pieces my favorite is the Alice in Wonderland collection. Free entrance. There are many other art galleries around town however due to covid many were closed. 

MacMillian Pier: This pier overlooks the boats anchored in the harbor. You can look back and get beautiful views of the beach and city in the background. If desiring a day excursion out on sea this is where most commercialized boats leave from. Day trips including a sailing around Cape Cod viewing the scenic coastline, wildlife, and even a few lighthouses. Another great day trip to consider is whale watching. We did not take a day trip since we only visited for a day. However, just a stroll along the pier was stunning. 

The Pilgrim Monument: Take a look through local history. The Pilgrim Monument founded in 1892 commemorated the Mayflower pilgrims first landing in Provincetown before sailing to Plymouth. This monument has a tower you can climb, after 116 steps and 60 ramps you are at the top and can enjoy scenic views of all of downtown Provincetown and views of the outer cape. The climb to the top is not as bad as it sounds and the views are worth it. The tallest all granite monument in the United States. However, at the base of the monument is a museum to educate visitors on the role Provincetown played in pilgrim and American history. Admission price is $12 for an adult.

Race Point Beach-Provincetown has soft sand beaches with pristine views of the ocean. We took a small walk along the beach and just a picturesque place to lounge all day. We wanted to visit the Race Point Lighthouse however it is not drivable. It was a two mile walk to the lighthouse from the beach parking lot and this was last on our list. Due to time we were not able to visit but definitely be on the list if you are having a beach day here. 


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