Raising Puppies

Warning CUTENESS Overload: Background my family are not breeders. My parents female Shih Tzu and my sister’s male Shih Tzu mated both from different litters. My family was excited/nervous we had no clue what the birth of puppies entailed. We quickly took to the internet and started calling our vet to make sure Stella (mom) was going to have a safe delivery. Side note I was so nervous for her asking myself does she need prenatal vitamins (crazy but this is my family dog Stella she is my bestie and NO dogs do not need prenatal LOL). The first thing we bought was a plastic kiddie pool this was save you lots in the long run to have a nesting place for the mother and to make sure the little ones once born cannot get out. On October 16, 2017 she gave birth to 2 male and 2 females. The waiting was the easiest part the 6 weeks in between giving the dogs to good families and raising them was a whole other ball game.

During the birth the female pants a lot and typically does everything to cleaning them to make sure they are breathing. In our case she got tired after the second puppy and my mom broke their amniotic sac that engulfed them and watched them take their first BREATH (to me this is insane and such an amazing life experience to help and see another being takes its first breath into the world human or animal I believe its magical either way). She had no complications I was so nervous something might go wrong but all went well. Stella however did not know to nurse her puppies and wouldn’t lay still for her pups to nurse. We had to help her nurse her puppies. Eventually she caught on and began nursing her puppies on her own. Depending on the breed she was not very protective of her puppies. She would always watch if you were holding one or look around if one was missing but she would not growl or bark if a stranger or the father came around.

I have talked to Sam (my boyfriend) for the longest time deciding when I should adopt a dog. I am definitely pro adoption when it comes to all the wonderful animals in the shelters. However, I could not pass up a puppy from Stella’s litter. Immediately I picked out the female dog with both black ears she reminded me exactly of Stella they almost look identical and named her Roux. One and a half weeks into having the puppies Roux got really sick she began to have watery diarrhea, constantly shaking, and very lethargic vs the other dog’s. We immediately brought her into the vet soon diagnosed with Coccidia a parasite in the dog’s intestines. This particular parasite was also contagious to the other dogs, soon all four had similar outcomes. The vet prescribed antibiotics and supplemental feedings for all pups. Although all the others began to get better Roux still stayed under the weather. We took her backed to the vet for a follow-up. The vet discussed this maybe a genetic condition that may not be able to resolve and she may not make it. My pup I have been holding for only a short time I was already so attached. I know this may just be a dog but at this time it is MY dog. So my family did kangaroo care to decrease her shivering/shakes, supplemental feeds every two hours, and just giving her some love. Days pass and she is starting to look better. A week and a half pass and the vet was impressed saying she might make it after all. So never give up hope if placed in this situation. Plus, all the pups can be overwhelming but don’t forget about the mom and dad they LOVE to be involved but also still want to play or be cuddled.

My parents decided to keep one male dog currently named Leo. He is so sweet, super shy but loves to play. He rarely barks only to get your attention every now and then to play. We found two loving homes for one male and one female. It was so hard to let them go (the hardest part they felt like my own ugh I wish I could keep them all)! However, Roux is a handful she LOVES to play and is fearless compared to the rest. One of the first ones to walk down the long hallway the rest were scared to walk on hardwood LOL or chases the vacuum. She barks a lot but typically while she plays.

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Disclaimer: I am not a vet and this story is just based on my own experience!


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