Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler – Part One


Laissez les bons temps rouler means “Let the good times roll.” New Orleans has become one if not my favorite city to visit ever since I was little going to Mardi Gras parades and visiting maybe just for the food (there is no better place for Cajun food and beignets than Louisiana especially New Orleans)! So I decided what better place to take photos other than New Orleans. Who doesn’t like to get dressed up and pampered for the day, take nice photos in several locations, and then sit down for a funky dinner local New Orleans style (I am by far a food junkie)! One of the starting locations of my senior photos focused on the Hotel Monteleone Carousel Piano Bar & Lounge everyplace will be linked below! This bar has a vintage theme perfect for pictures, such an elegant upscale style even if you wanted to drink in the lounge area, and has wonderful live music entertainment! I chose to get a hand shaken pina colada and my boyfriend Sam chose their pimm’s cup a drink their most known for, both were amazing cocktails! Saving the best for last the bar rotates very slowly though! It allows you to enjoy the full atmosphere of the bar but grab your seat early if you go there was a wait when I went and hearing from locals it can be hard to grab a seat!

Next up we walked around the French Quarter! I chose to have 1/4 of my photos with my boyfriend since I wanted professional photos of us! Plus, I gushed over his seer sucker suit perfect for this trip (btw I find it so hard to shop for men not many clothing options)! However, a huge thanks to our photographer she knew of great locations to take stunning photos and she has such a unique creative side. Plus some of my favorite pictures are Sam and I dancing in the streets because a small dance session is a must!

  • Taylor Bush
    Posted at 6:57 pm, June 21, 2017 Reply

    Beautiful couple! I love NOLA too!

    • Taylor Bush
      Taylor Bush
      Posted at 9:40 pm, June 29, 2017 Reply

      Thank you! Yes NOLA is so much fun and so much to do!

  • Taylor Bush
    Sam Accardo
    Posted at 5:37 pm, June 21, 2017 Reply

    It is finally done!

    • Taylor Bush
      Taylor Bush
      Posted at 9:39 pm, June 29, 2017 Reply

      Yes the website is finally done and love every aspect of it!!!(:

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