Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler – Part Two

Next stop is the Bywaters, New Orleans! New Orleans art and history is so interesting and beautiful. My photographer pointed out this hidden gem of a location and I enjoyed every aspect and it soon became by favorite part of my trip down there! There are numerous murals and pieces of art, which are perfect for the photos I wanted!

One of our first stops was the blue mosaic wall with many eyes. So the next day of course I try to look up the artist or see the meaning behind the mosaic wall! What I found was even more beautiful the project is called, The Urban Eyes Project which, “explores awareness, vision, protection, and the interaction between community, well-being, and creative expression, urging us to See Differently and examine things from various perspectives”. I am linking this article below such a good read on the hand-crafted mosaic wall! FUN FACT ALERT: So fast forward two weeks later I was on Stella Maxwell’s instagram her photo features the mosaic wall! I seriously saw it on photos I might like and was shocked because what are the odds but great photo op location!

From there we went onto take pictures with some graffiti murals! Another one of my favorite photos takes place in front of the murals of lips! SO different plus I love the mural!

P.S. I linked everything below but unfortunately Francesca’s did not have my dress online I actually bought mine at the store! However, I linked white lace dresses that are similar from Francesca and BluSpero all under $50! Also bought my shoes at a local boutique called Frock Candy and they do not have an online store (the struggle)! I linked a pair that are similar and love the strap around the ankle on it!


Photographer: Kimberly Edward

Urban Eyes Project: Mosaic Wall Highlight

Graffiti Lips Artist: Muckrock

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