Ice Cream Museum Miami


Hey guys and gals here’s the scoop,

We all scream for ice cream! The Ice Cream Museum in Miami did not disappoint. I had noticed pictures of this museum online for quite some time since it originated in Los Angeles and had quite some popularity for all age groups. I quickly got online and it was SOLD OUT, and the art installment was ending before our vacation date. By the grace of God himself, the dates were extended in Miami and we got tickets! The earliest time available is at 11AM and the absolute best time to go. There is a public parking lot a block over and was great if you could find a parking space. We noticed after around 11:30 AM the parking lot fills up and there is absolutely no available parking so valeting your car is the next option.
You are greeted by the MOIC crew member, who before you enter ask for your professional ice cream name. Mine was Strawberry Peach Swirl I am so not original ha, what would be yours? (of course Sam came up with a great one off the bat). We moved through an area with informative facts about ice cream with dates and inventions (this is the only section with factual information). Then greeted by the ice cream mystic quizzing us on all things ice cream. Finally, the SPRINKLE ROOM the tub full of plastic sprinkle galore. No diving in this pool though. Be prepared to have cameras out only two minutes is allowed in this room! Just jumping into the pool made me feel like a kid again!
After the sprinkle pool there were different levels of art exhibits until finally you reach the rooftop. My favorite part was the different forms of ice cream served. The original soft serve ice cream with edible PINK cherries on top how fun. Chocolate covered bananas with sprinkles, Japanese styled ice cream Mochi, and key lime pie ice cream cone. I have never tasted Mochi before basically it is a rice paste on the outside and cream filling on the inside. It wasn’t to bad definitely a different spin to ice cream. Finally, reaching the rooftop with an amazing view of the ocean in the background was not bad at all. Different games can be played ping pong, hula hoops, and shuffle board. Loved the last exhibit on the rooftop with the popsicles art installment. Overall, loved the museum and the small attention to detail in every room and the way you could interact with each room using your different senses. Pro Tip: You have to buy tickets online before coming to the museum no tickets are sold at the front door.
Currently no longer in Miami. However, they are located in Los Angeles, San Fran, and NYC. However, in New York City it is not the museum and just a sampling of their up and coming ice cream flavors! MOIC (Museum of Ice Cream) does pop up installments like the one in Miami be on the look out if they are coming towards a city near you! If they are traveling to your city soon I would look into tickets great event for the family and if you have kids!

Outfit Deets: Got this jumpsuit from Shein for $26.00 so not so shabby. I fell in LOVE with the bell sleeves of this outfit. Love the vintage feel and was VERY comfortable.



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