Frenchmen Street, New Orleans


Evening strolling Frenchmen Street, New Orleans. As Sam and I are walking down Frenchmen into the different shops we soon passed by Frenchmen Arts Market “The Art Garage”. Immediately we went in looking at the different vendors selling handmade items from paintings, jewelry, embroidered New Orleans styled suits, and even those sitting with a typewriter ready to type whatever your heart desires!

We soon found us wandering again and this time ending up at Brieux Carre Brewing Company where we got a flight of beers to sample! We decided to sit out back on their patio and take turns sampling the different beers. I am definitely not a fan of beer but open to the idea of trying new beer and finding my favorite one. We got Lemongrass, Weisses, Hickory, Old Square, Bagpipes, and Pomeranian just in case you were wondering (from left to right) the beers weren’t bad!

Finally, the last stop of the night was Dat Dog on Frenchmen! I have been wanting to try this casual restaurant especially since they are opening one in Baton Rouge, Louisiana soon! It has such a fun atmosphere and funky colors throughout the restaurant! I ordered (don’t judge) a hamburger hotdog I know it sounds weird but it was actually really good! Sam ordered alligator hotdog covered with homemade etouffee, cheese, and bacon (mini heart attack right?! Just kidding).

P.S. This little black dress was so comfy especially walking through the streets of New Orleans, however; this was pulled from the depths of my closet originally from Urban Outfitters but no longer available! So I linked some I thought were pretty similar so I hope you enjoy one is even on sale at Nordstrom! Plus those purple tassel earrings give me life right now under $10! They can be paired with an elegant dress or just every day wear so fun! FUN FACT ALERT: The bracelets I have on are called Lily and Laura bracelets in which over 1/3 of their earning go to women in Nepal for fair trade wages! I love companies who give back how neat plus every bead is so unique!



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