Fourth of July Festivities


Downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Sam and I decided to grab some snowballs and head downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the day! On our way we decided to stop for snowballs we quickly realized that Snoman Snoballs did not open for another thirty minutes! However, the guy inside the stand gave us buy one get one free snowballs (how sweet)! So we decided to run some errands and then come back to the snowball place (I was dying to get a snowball ha)! I got blueberry cheesecake+tiger’s blood+condensed milk=LIFE! I have never tried this combination but it was amazing! Sam got tiger’s blood+silver fox we apparently are all about combinations the more, the better, he finished his snowball so fast I did not get a chance to try it! Then just took a stroll downtown!

Our Fourth of July consisted of having a pool day and if you saw my Instasnap glitter for days in my hair! My family decided to grill my dad sure does love his new smoker! We had smoked mac n cheese I LOVED it recipe soon! Definitely working on trying out different cheeses with the smoked flavor! Then we had smoked chicken and ribs!

Y’all I order clothes and by the time I finally get around to taking pictures in them I feel like they are always sold out! I linked the top down below and only a few are left! Love it for family barbecues and Saturday afternoons! However, the glasses I bought a year ago but from the same company have a slightly different pair, but are still super cute for less than $10 on sale so that’s a steal! Finally, these earring are my favorite of all time they are such a timeless piece! I bought them from etsy I love supporting handcrafted shop owners! The etsy shop is called St. Armands Designs based in Sarasota, Florida! All these pieces are so classic and go with every outfit! I was skeptical about buying these earrings since they are clip ons and I do have my ears pierced! However, these earrings did not tug on my ears and great for those who do not have their ears pierced! The shorter white tassel earrings are in the shop currently but you can always custom order the longer ones! I linked everything below!


Snoman Snoballs 

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