Caught In A Sundaze


A recent graduate from college going through trial and tribulations with what works with my lifestyle currently, and how I can stay healthy with a hectic schedule since I am now “adulting”! Still trying to get the hang of things when it comes to #1 on my list, because I am always on the go! Plus, when I actually sit down to look at recipes or create something new, I tend to spend so much time on AllRecipes because there are so many new recipes to try. I am obsessed! However, I am implementing new healthier tactics in my life and would love to share them with yall !

  1. Cooking – So I actually love to cook! If you follow me on my instagram or twitter I am always looking for new recipes or creating something new in the kitchen! However, I eat out a lot, and I am trying to be healthier when it comes to what I eat! In the next week or two I am going to be posting a recipe on spicy stuffed chicken breasts that I cooked this past weekend, and it was a phenomenal meal! It was also super healthy if you are actively on a diet! Also in the next few weeks I am also going to be meal prepping for a week, and I’ll let you know which recipes are great for a week long meal! With work I am really trying to work on not eating fast food but consciously thinking about a meal that will actually be healthy for my body! I noticed a change recently where if I home cook meals and then grab fast food my body feels sluggish and just not the same so I am trying to stop slowly! Seriously cannot resistant some McDonald’s fries though ha!
  2. Daily Devotional – I am on the search for a great daily devotional to keep me devoted everyday! Sometimes I feel like my faith is not where it should be when I have a chaotic schedule and would love to have a 5-10 minute break of worshiping the Lord! So if you have a great daily devotional or pod cast let me know would love to check out different ones!
  3. Sunscreen – So this is a huge topic for me, because I am only 22 and sunscreen is not relevant to most my age! I am a huge advocate for healthy skin so I actually use Neutrogena 100 SPF. I love this brand because it not only does not irritate my skin, but also because it gives me full coverage when in the sun! I am so paranoid about sun damage and the ultraviolet radiation when I am in the sun! I want to protect my skin early so in the long run I will not have damaged skin. According to they recommend a SPF of 50% or more, which blocks 98% of the UVB rays! Another interesting tip is REAPPLYING every two hours. Reapplying is just as important as applying it in the beginning to keep your skin healthy! I actually use Neutrogena oil free moisturizer and Mac Cosmetics studio fix foundation every day both of which have an SPF 15 in the product so that’s 30 total! Most makeups are coming out with lines that now have SPF in the product which is amazing, and a total investment in yourself! Neutrogena has a sunscreen scent which I know most people are not a fan of, but the Mac Cosmetics foundation has no hint of the sunscreen scent in it!
  4. Exercise – Lastly, Sam and I are kicking off a series dedicated to exercising called New Dimensions!  I literally hate going to the gym (if that even happens ha) but just dread working out! So we are kicking off a series based on things to do that are not a typical gym workout! We decided to call this New Dimensions since working out is never limited to a gym and we will be creating new areas for one to work out in any community! We will post the workout once every month or once every other month challenging one another to get out and stay motivated so stay tuned!




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