Boston Freedom Trail: Part Two

Following our tour of the Old North Church, we made our way to Paul Revere's House. This tour is around 30 minutes and is $5 an adult. There is no videography or photography allowed inside. The guides discussed the artitecture, touched on Paul Revere’s life, furnishing in the house, and generations that lived in the house after the Revere family.

Around the corner from Paul Revere's House is the heart of the North End. As I mentioned, the North End is Boston's Little Italy, which is a densely packed neighborhood with what feels like endless restaurants, bakeries, and Italian grocery stores. I like the variety of casual to upscale dining. All atmospheres are welcomed. We stopped in not one, but two local pastry shops: Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry. These are two competing bakeries, for the best pastries. They are a must do when in Boston. These pastry shops are so popular that it could take an hour or two to get in and place an order because the lines are normally out the door. Lucky for us, it only took us a few minutes to get in an order at each shop.

From Mike’s Pastry, we got the peanut butter cannoli and Italian cookies. Sam is Italian so he insisted I try some. I have never had Italian cookies before. They were delicious. We got pistachio and wedding Italian cookies. From Modern Pastry, we got plain cannolis and chocolate covered caramel domes. Both bakeries have more than just cannolis. They have many different pastries to choose from. 

We took our pastries and headed over to Christopher Columbus Park. It was such a beautiful park with an amazing garden and the cityscape in the background. We finished our day with strolling through the North End, viewing Paul Revere's monument, other beautiful churches, and enjoying the food scene. 

One place worth mentioning that we did not have a chance to stop in to see in the North End due to it being closed because of COVID-19 was the Improv Asylum, a comedy club. From locals, we hear they put on a hilarious show and is on our list of must do's in Boston. We are waiting until they open back up to turn it into a fun date night. 

Tips: Post Office Square parking garage is only $9 on Saturday and Sunday. It is a short walk to the North End. Also the square has a beautiful park with benches and a fountain. 

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