BLT’s and Fried Pickles

Downtown, Baton Rouge | After a long day of work for Sam and I, we decided to head to downtown Baton Rouge since the weather was perfect! Not hot or humid with a slight breeze. One of those days where you cannot sit inside all day because it was just to good.

We started with visiting the local Poor Boyd Lloyd’s restaurant downtown. One of our favorite local spots to grab a bite. I had eaten a little earlier so just wanted a snack so I got FRIED PICKLES, of course. I recently had a person comment on my Instagram from another country stating they have never had fried pickles because they do not make fried pickles in that particular area. That’s craziness to me. I forget this is America where everything from oreos, okra, and twinkies is deep fried haha. Fried pickles are on my occasional snack list but Poor Boy Lloyd’s sells some of the best in Baton Rouge. Sam got a BLT, both look amazing and their food never disappoints. Plus, Live after 5 downtown BR has started back so do not miss out on the small concert downtown every Friday!

We then just hung out on the levee under a spew of umbrellas watching the view of the Mississippi River. Wishing my fur baby was with us because it was such a good day for my four legged friend to be out.

Glad to start kicking off this new season with some fall gear. Loving this olive top I wore that is super comfortable. It feels like pajamas and some cropped denim. Linking similar ones below! Let me know what y’alls favorite fall trends are?! Plus, this new nude lip I got is amazing. I’m obsessed with fall lip colors!

Side Note: Planning so far ahead but that’s the typical for me. Sam is graduating in December YAY! What are somethings you guys do for a recent graduate. Love to hear some new ideas!


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