Tips For Finding the Best Photographer


I recently got to collaborate with a local photographer in the Baton Rouge area. Her name is Ashley King. All of these photos above she took and I am impressed with her photography skills. I love meeting someone who has a passion and skill for their hobby. If interested in getting some holiday pictures or for any occasion I will link her information below. Including some tips and tricks for choosing the right photographer!!


  1. Do your homework: Look at the photographer’s gallery photos or photos across their social media to see if they have a variety of pictures. I’ve noticed lately some photographers only have light and bright white washed photos that are very gorgeous, but they only have that one edit. If you LOVE that edit it is fine but one typically wants a variety when it comes to photos. Also make sure they live in your area.  Is okay them to traveling (a fee maybe included for traveling), or you are okay with traveling? Traveling is my personal favorite. Also compare packages before opting in for the photographer to decide which one is ideal.
  2. Set up a meeting or phone interview: Photography is not cheap because it is a beautiful art. So get to know your photographer and allow them to suggest locations. I find the most awkward poses or wildest locations end up being the best photos. Those are the photos I usually strive for because it is so creative and genius!
  3. Engagement Spots: Even if you are not engaged look up these spots in areas when working with photographers because it gives a base for beautiful photos. Determine where people have taken gorgeous photos that never fail and can be used for family, couple, or senior photos; not just engagement. I also love to see these photos. Maybe I am a dork, but I love the creativity different photographers take when it comes to these locations.
  4. Love yourself: I feel like it can be stressful for the big event because I have to decide what to wear, and I have to coordinate everything for when I show up. Relax, have fun, and love yourself. I am pretty sure I forgot to paint my nails on one hand. Don’t ask, but it happens and just make it work!


King Developments Photography: Instagram: king_developments

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