Downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Sam and I decided to spend the whole day downtown Baton Rouge. We literally had no plans just parked and decided to figure things out as we go!
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Sam and I decided to grab some snowballs and head downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the day!
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Hey, guys I always get asked about these cookies I bake for any family event, graduation, and holidays! I feel in love with the chewiest cookies that just melt in your mouth and I was on the search for that one ingredient. Finally, I came across adding vanilla instant pudding
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Next stop is the Bywaters, New Orleans! New Orleans art and history is so interesting and beautiful. My photographer pointed out this hidden gem of a location and I enjoyed every aspect and it soon became by favorite part of my trip down there! There are numerous murals and pieces
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New Orleans has become one if not my favorite city to visit ever since I was little going to Mardi Gras parades and visiting maybe just for the food (there is no better place for Cajun food and beignets than Louisiana especially New Orleans)! So I decided what better place
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Hey y’all. My name is Taylor. Interested in all things fashion, beauty, and travel destinations!

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